Mardi Gras Celebrations in Louisiana


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Mardis Gras Celebrations in Louisiana: Finding the Best Costumes

The Mardi Gras celebrations in Louisiana and the carnival of New Orleans are more than just a yearly event; they represent the year round spirit of New Orleans and the state. In addition, other former French colonial capitals such as Mobile, Alabama, and Biloxi Mississippi, and certain cities in Florida and Missouri also celebrate the Mardi Gras Carnival. From preparing for the hundreds of masked balls, parties, delicious traditional foods, and dozens of street parades to finding the best costumes, all of it plays a major part in the festivities. 

When it comes to Mardi Gras celebrations in Louisiana, finding the best costumes for the events should not present a problem. With the city flourishing once again 7 years in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, its strong resiliency and determination has been instrumental in helping the strong Mardi Gras tradition to continue.

Costume and Mask Shops for the Mardi Gras celebrations in Louisiana are ingrained into the fabric of New Orleans’ culture. In other words, it won’t be very difficult to find local costume shops in every district or quarter within the city. For those who won’t have the time to get out shopping to find the best costumes, not to worry, there are numerous well-supplied costume shops online with direct shipping, some offering free shipping.  A not too detailed look on the web makes it easy to find hundreds of costumes, mix-and-match pieces, masks, beads, party decorations and supplies to fit every need and budget for the Mardis Gras celebrations in Louisiana.

February is the big month for Mardi Gras celebrations in Louisiana, and the 2012 big carnival day was on February 21st. Although Mardis Gras celebrations in Louisiana are very well known here, the Brazilian Carnaval is possibly the best-known global celebration today with cities, countries and regions across the world celebrating. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival attracts visitors from everywhere on the planet, and is considered the world’s biggest popular party. With such a huge following, the number of costume sellers, mask makers and party favor suppliers are endless. In the event that it just is not possible to find the right costume for Mardis Gras celebrations in Louisiana, there remains a final option: create one of the best costumes yourself.   Click to see costumes at Mardis Gras celebrations in Louisiana here.


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